Awaken the Investor Within Odds are good that you know who Tony Robbins is.  If you don’t, he is famous for selling his self-help... Retire Better


Awaken the Investor Within

Odds are good that you know who Tony Robbins is.  If you don’t, he is famous for selling his self-help programs to millions through TV infomercials, and he successfully trains thousands of people who attend his events to walk on fire at the end of the first day.

So what in the world does a “self-help guru” know about investing?

The answer a few years ago was – not a lot.  But when Tony wants to learn something, he doesn’t do it in a small way.

Tony decided that he wanted to learn the secrets of investing like the Billionaires do.  So he went out and interviewed them.  What he learned went into a new book he is releasing called “Money – Master the Game”.

For those of you who want the short version, here are four key points:

1. Don’t lose money.  Billionaire investors focus on not losing money over everything else.

2. Risk a little to make a lot.  Look for the home run, but only do it with a small amount of your portfolio.

3. Anticipate and diversify.  Educate yourself so you can be knowledgeable, and when the moment is there, strike!  But make sure you diversify as billionaire investors always assume that they will be wrong.

4. You are never done.  Billionaires continue to learn and never stop.  You should do the same.

If you ask me, I would say those are four great investment points to live by.  I would also tell you that reading Tony’s book is a good idea. 

At Platinum Wealth Advisory, we have had the pleasure of partnering with the organization that supported Robbins on this current book project.   As a result, we want to make the book available to our community.  We will be providing a free copy of the book to anyone who would like to participate in our Retirement Investment Plan Consultation Process. 

If you would like further information on this topic or to receive a copy of our report on retirement income planning, please send your requests to the email below.  As always, we are here to answer your pressing questions and concerns regarding retirement investment planning. 

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